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The Process of Popcorn Removal is as follows: 

  • Covering floors, surface areas and furniture​

  • Moving furniture as needed

  • Covering A/C Vents and Door Openings

  • Spraying ceiling to moisten 

  • Scraping off Popcorn from entire ceiling(s) where applicable

  • Floating entire ceiling(s)

  • Spray on Texture (Knock Down or Orange Peel)

  • Painting Full Ceiling(s) 

Note: Popcorn removal can be dangerous during removal. We recommend that no persons and/or pets are in the home or at least in the near vicinity. 

We cover as best as possible to avoid any floating debris. There is a chance that the ducts and other areas of the house may trap some of this floating debris that isn't caught during the removal process.

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